January 27, 2008

Tide Fresh

For one of my class assignments, I was trying to photograph an advertisement for Tide laundry detergent using the flash lessons given to us by our teacher James Walters. As the sun was setting and I remembered my laundry out on the line, I though of this idea. The sun made for a beautiful back light while the flash balanced everything out.

Capture: Canon 20D, Broncolor monolight with an umbrella, 17-85mm lens, f14 at 1/30s, ISO 400

Paula in the Snow

I was trying to practice using flash and shutter speed to make fun images. My lovely friend Paula (and little baby Gideon in her belly) were kind enough to pose for me in the snow. I liked how this image showed the snow and made everything around her dark. Pretty Pregnant Paula!

Capture: Canon 20D, Speedlight 380EX on light stand to the right, f25 at 1/320s (I'm surprised the flash synced) ISO 400

January 16, 2008

Photo Booth

Last Saturday, my friends and I had a going away party for two of our friends. I decided to set up a photo booth. These are a few of the fun images that came out of the "booth." It is nice to be back home around my friends.

Capture: Canon 20D, 1/60 at f20

Strawberry Milkshakes

I photographed these milkshakes for our first studio school assignment of the new year. We were to show a sense of time and place while making the food look appetizing. After interning with the amazing food photographer, Dasha Wright, I tried to utilize what I observed to make this photograph.

Capture: Hasselblad, Phase One H10, f22 at 1/60s

January 14, 2008

Raspberry Delight

Along with the crayons and sunflower that I photographed, I attempted to photograph a dessert in Dasha's studio. There was a cute bakery down the street in NYC where I picked up this sweet raspberry hamburger (I can't remember what it actually was called.) Dasha taught me that a little pinch of salt put into a glass of champaign will make the bubbles come back.

Capture: Sinar large format camera with a Phase One H20 back.

January 08, 2008


Along with photographing sunflowers, I decided to photograph crayons when my internship employer Dasha Wright allowed me use of her studio. I tried to use design to make something simple into a fun image. The colorful crayons worked well for this approach.

Capture: Sinar large format camera with a Phase One H20 digital back.