January 27, 2008

Tide Fresh

For one of my class assignments, I was trying to photograph an advertisement for Tide laundry detergent using the flash lessons given to us by our teacher James Walters. As the sun was setting and I remembered my laundry out on the line, I though of this idea. The sun made for a beautiful back light while the flash balanced everything out.

Capture: Canon 20D, Broncolor monolight with an umbrella, 17-85mm lens, f14 at 1/30s, ISO 400


Laura Graf Photo said...

This is awsome! I think that this should be an ad! I love your light, and your use of flair!!!!

Robert Howington said...

This is neat...lame word I know, but it is a very good concept. Execution is good as well. Artsy too!