November 06, 2007

Brooklyn (my new neighborhood)

Currently I am on internship up in the great NYC. Of course I can't afford to live in Manhattan where I work, so I live in Brooklyn. My neighborhood is called Bed-Sty by the locals. It seems to be a very community oriented place. On warm days everyone is out on the street spending time with their neighbors. There are community gardens, walls covered in graffiti, coffee shops, corner grocery stores, parks, schools, and churches in my neighborhood. It is very different from my North Carolina home, but I am enjoying my stay. The lower picture is of my house. I live in the room to the left of Elizabeth (who is sitting in the doorway). I live with about 50 internationals students, or so it seems. The rest of the pictures show typical scenes of my neighborhood.

Capture: Sony Cybershot (the point and shoot wonder)