December 10, 2007

Thompkins Park in the Fall

A few weeks ago, the fall leaves were at their peak. On this particular morning, the clear blue sky caused me to not rush to the subway. I photographed the trees in the perfect morning sunlight. Since I was already late and I got off at a wrong stop, I ended up being thirty minutes late to work. I'm glad though that I took time to take these pictures or I might have suffocated in the concrete walls that surround me.

Capture: Canon D30, 28-105mm lens, ISO 400

Sunset from the D line

I had to add one more picture from my Coney Island trip. This is from the train ride home. Pretty days like this are a rare sight in New York, at least in the winter.

Capture: Canon D30, 28-105mm lens, ISO 100, f8 at 1/125

December 07, 2007


The photographer I am interning under, Dasha Wright, allowed me to use her studio to take photographs. I bought some sunflowers at a corner market and played around with them. I got several shots I liked, this is one of them.

Capture: Sinar large format with a Phase One H20 digital back.

December 05, 2007

One Hot Penguin

They NYC marathon ran right through my neighborhood in Brooklyn. This was such an amazing event. First came the super fast, super but muscled runners... then about twenty minutes later came these guys. This is my favorite picture from the marathon because is shows how much fun the marathon is. Now I want to run it (but not as a penguin).

December 04, 2007

More Coney Island

I went to Coney Island with a fellow photographer from Germany named Katharina. I was sad that Katharina couldn't stay longer with me in Loftstel. Oh well, the good ones keep moving. We both couldn't figure out what the big red structure was, but it looks interesting. There were fishermen on the pier that let us take photos of their fish, very friendly folks. The seagulls weren't as friendly, all they wanted was our good Russian bread that we got down the street.

Capture: Canon D30

December 03, 2007

Coney Island

Well well well, what have we here. A lazy blogger returns to her pier. Mr. Speedo man was working out on a windy, cold day. He smiled for the camera, now on the web he stays.

Capture: Canon D30, who cares about the rest?