January 16, 2008

Strawberry Milkshakes

I photographed these milkshakes for our first studio school assignment of the new year. We were to show a sense of time and place while making the food look appetizing. After interning with the amazing food photographer, Dasha Wright, I tried to utilize what I observed to make this photograph.

Capture: Hasselblad, Phase One H10, f22 at 1/60s


Jackie Willis said...

these milkshakes look real good, love the color of the towel and platter. it reminds me of summer and needing a milkshake to cool down.

Angie Hoffman said...

Hey this looks really good and professional. You did a really good job.

Jonathan E. Andrews said...

Your color choices were spot on for this one. I think this image is very well designed. The colors and the light together create a very relaxed atmosphere, which I think is what milkshakes are all about.