June 26, 2009

Summer Session with the Kids

Monica, a good friend of my sister and me has three cute boys that needed some new photographs. Katie and I went out to photograph them on their beautiful natural property. Katie was just learning how to use the camera (I want to convince her to become a photographer too...) and she got a lot of good shots. Check out her portrait of the boy's beautiful mom! Way to go Katie! I love taking kids outside and letting them be themselves...

June 25, 2009

Little Lola needs a home

My friends found this sweet kitty outside last night. She was crying in the bushes and was in dire need of a bath. We brought her in, washed her, fed her milk, and cleaned out her ears. Now she is happy as can be, except that she has no home! Please, if you are looking for a sweet kitten for your family, call me at 336-972-0097. She needs a trip to the vet and a cozy life. She is sleeping on my lap right now. These are pictures from earlier in the day when she was a little bit more alert. Cute cute cute!

June 09, 2009

My Wedding Site!

Ok... so I've been busy starting a new business... and planning for my own wedding! I don't know if I've posted anything about what I'm doing for this wedding on here even though it takes up about half of my life right now. After many months of deliberating about where to have the actual event, I stumbled across Laurel Ridge Bed and Breakfast. I LOVE it there! It is so beautiful! David, the guy running the place is so kind and helpful. When you look through my pictures, you can imagine how it will be. The ceremony will be on the lower flat grassy area which is surrounded by a beautiful stone walled garden on one side and a lush green forest on the other. Tents will be set up on the upper level which is where we will have food and dancing. The cabin with the flowers painted on it is going to be the honeymoon suite. I think my favorite part it is the wooded walk down the hillside which is bordered by mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia) and ends at a peaceful gazebo overlooking the forested hillside.

Everything is coming together so well! I can't wait until the weekend when I take a husband! To view the images click here: Laurel Ridge Photos!

June 08, 2009

A Wedding as a Guest!

I am so accustomed to being the photographer when I go to weddings that it was so hard for me to sit in my seat at my cousin Drew's wedding! (You may remember his engagement photos that I did back in February.) Drew and Vaughan had such a sweet and beautiful wedding down in Pensacola, Florida. Since I am in the family, they were kind to me and had me attend as a guest. :) I had to sneak in a few photos here and there of course. Their photographer was Patsy Brown. She was so kind and looked like she knew what she was doing! I'm sure they will have many beautiful photographs to remember their day with.

June 03, 2009

At Last... A Website!

I have finally gotten a website together and posted! Take a look: www.jessicabenton.com