August 17, 2008

Waiting for Simon

Simon was in upstate New York for business this past week. His flight home came in on Friday but was delayed due to thunderstorms. While I waited near the airport for him to fly home, those troublesome thunderstorms made for beautiful scenery in the nearby country. The area photographed here is destined for a McMansion subdivision. There already was a large house being built. I wandered around, got rained on, and played with the sun and the dew, enjoying the paradise that is soon to be demolished.

A cat's life

Here is my cat, Tilla, doing what she does best. It's good to be a cat.

Fun with a Hopper

I found this little guy out on a mimosa tree in my yard. Playing around with a strobe, I attempted to take some studio portraits and capture the insect's glory. The insect didn't want to sit still and pose, so around and up and down he went. He wing is particularly beautiful as it looks just like a small leaf. The natural world never fails to amaze me.

Wastewater Lesson for Piedmont Biodiesel

There is always something new to be learned. In our dining room that here is used as a meeting room, Simon Lobdell is teaching a crew from Piedmont Biodiesel about the basics of wastewater. Wastewater is one of Simon's areas of expertise as he is a working engineer from Moncure, NC. Piedmont Biodiesel is the local biofuels community also based out of the Pittsboro/Moncure area.

August 08, 2008

Wedding at Claxton Farm

Lauren and Daniel Ward got hitched up in Weaverville at the Claxton Farm which is nestled in a hilly landscape. I had the privilege to photograph their special day for Steve Exum. This wedding was fun in part because of the beautiful setting (and the beautiful llamas)! There also was the beautiful bride who is a photographer herself.