October 10, 2007


This is my last self promo assignment. Again I wanted to get out of the studio. I was walking through the woods and the fields during the morning and saw this daisy covered in dew drops. When I got under the flower the sun came through the petals and made the dew drops show up. I used my exposure to get the background to go black. You can see the flower in the field below (my shadow is pointing to it). I LOVE being outside!

Capture: Canon EOS 10D, 90mm macro lens, exposure 1/125s at f13 ISO 100, only levels and color balance used in Photoshop

Autumn the North Carolina Mountains

For my last two self promo assignments, I wanted to get out of the studio and back into nature. I had seen this tree from a distance (look below) and drove around the mountain to get a closer look. The composition looked nicer than I had expected allowing me to put emphases on this one red tree against the green grass and blue sky.

Capture: Canon EOS 10D, lens 24-105mm, exposure 1/60s at f13 ISO 100, shot at 11:03 AM. Photoshop used to remove extra tree.

October 05, 2007

Human Female Karyotype

Our assignment for client six was to illustrate something that has made us who we are today. After having thoughts of slide-shows of my whole life with movies included, I realized what a big project that would be and got back to the basics of what makes me me. That is when I got the idea of using a sperm and an egg. I had trouble coming upon an electron scanning micrograph overnight to photograph a sperm and an egg, so again to the drawing board. What happens when you put a sperm and an egg together... well the baby gets a chromosomes from the dad and the mom. This is ordered in a kayrotype... how to photograph this? Ah ha! Be the chromosomes! Here I am, acting as my chromosomes would act. I looked up a picture of a karyotype and posed how the chromosomes looked. More photoshop (adding to my carpal tunnel and migrane attack) and no sleep later I got this image. I think it turned out pretty well. I guess this is how I am going to use my biology degree. Hmmmm, now how do I make a living?

Photographs taken by the amazing Ashley Ross!

Capture: Nikon D200, 20mm lens
Lighting: 2 750 Fresnel hot lights against a white wall
Photoshop by me = no sleep

What to wear?

This photograph combines 14 pictures that I did fancy Photoshop work to blend together. A bit of carpal tunnel syndrome and one large migraine later, I have this silly image. I wanted to make it look like I couldn't decide what to wear in the morning, so I tried on everything in my closet. It is a pretty fun picture. I might like to use this method again for other image creations.

Lighting: One Alien Bee monolight with an umbrella put in the corner of the room.
Capture: Canon EOS 30D, lens EF24-105mm, exposure 1/125s at f/11 set on self timer.