April 10, 2008

April Flowers

The people that lived in my house before me planted a bunch of bulbs. Now I have the pleasure of taking care of three garden spaces around my farm house. These are some of the flowers as they stood early in the morning this week. I love spring time!

Obama Time: Registering Voters

Simon and I decided to volunteer for Barack Obama on Saturday. April 11th is the last day you can register to vote in North Carolina and still vote in the Democratic primaries. The two of us went out and registered voters in Pittsboro and Carrboro. I felt like I was acting as a good citizen by registering voters on all sides of the political race and in different walks of life.

Simon helps Poloma Pineda, 18 yrs, register for the first time. She is a native of Florida but lives in Chapel Hill. Pineda was excited about registering so she could vote for Obama.

My Birthday

I've been meaning to post some pictures from my birthday for awhile (it was on March 22). It is a lucky year for me, I turned 26, it is the year 2008 (I have a thing for even numbers), my birthday was on Saturday, and all my friends came out to celebrate by hanging out in the river on our land and painting our faces with rocks from the creek. It is fun to act like a kid sometimes. In the morning I was working on my garden. My brother, Matt, and his girlfriend, Meredith, showed up with vegetable plants to add to my garden. It was later that my boyfriend Simon 'surprised' me with a party at the creek.