December 06, 2011

Baby Dashiell

I live in a wonderful neighborhood in Durham, NC where we all chat with each other through an online group to keep tabs with what is going on. A few weeks ago, my neighbor Crystal sent out an excited email to a few parents saying that she needed help setting up her nursery as she might be adopting a little boy the following day. She wasn't positive that they'd get this little guy as things can change quickly with an adoption. Happily, a few days later, they were able to pick up their son and bring him home. They then asked me to come photograph their little family. I love visiting the home of new parents and seeing the wonder and love that fills the space as mom and dad get to know their new baby - there is nothing quite like that sort of sweet joy. Crystal and Clinton adore this little boy and seem so calm and loving as they care for him. I'm so glad that Dashiell made it home just in time for Christmas!