October 05, 2007

Human Female Karyotype

Our assignment for client six was to illustrate something that has made us who we are today. After having thoughts of slide-shows of my whole life with movies included, I realized what a big project that would be and got back to the basics of what makes me me. That is when I got the idea of using a sperm and an egg. I had trouble coming upon an electron scanning micrograph overnight to photograph a sperm and an egg, so again to the drawing board. What happens when you put a sperm and an egg together... well the baby gets a chromosomes from the dad and the mom. This is ordered in a kayrotype... how to photograph this? Ah ha! Be the chromosomes! Here I am, acting as my chromosomes would act. I looked up a picture of a karyotype and posed how the chromosomes looked. More photoshop (adding to my carpal tunnel and migrane attack) and no sleep later I got this image. I think it turned out pretty well. I guess this is how I am going to use my biology degree. Hmmmm, now how do I make a living?

Photographs taken by the amazing Ashley Ross!

Capture: Nikon D200, 20mm lens
Lighting: 2 750 Fresnel hot lights against a white wall
Photoshop by me = no sleep


Len Thomas Photography said...

This was a huge success well done and great idea

ME! said...