October 10, 2007

Autumn the North Carolina Mountains

For my last two self promo assignments, I wanted to get out of the studio and back into nature. I had seen this tree from a distance (look below) and drove around the mountain to get a closer look. The composition looked nicer than I had expected allowing me to put emphases on this one red tree against the green grass and blue sky.

Capture: Canon EOS 10D, lens 24-105mm, exposure 1/60s at f13 ISO 100, shot at 11:03 AM. Photoshop used to remove extra tree.


Jonathan E. Andrews said...

The photo of the red tree with the blue sky is really calming. It's like a summer afternoon spent on a hammock in the shade with a cool glass of lemonade. I could see this image as a poster on someone's wall.

Emily Veon said...

YES NATURE! I loves these shots! My favorite is the Daisy! I love daisies :)

Way to get out and hike!

Be safe in New York!