October 05, 2007

What to wear?

This photograph combines 14 pictures that I did fancy Photoshop work to blend together. A bit of carpal tunnel syndrome and one large migraine later, I have this silly image. I wanted to make it look like I couldn't decide what to wear in the morning, so I tried on everything in my closet. It is a pretty fun picture. I might like to use this method again for other image creations.

Lighting: One Alien Bee monolight with an umbrella put in the corner of the room.
Capture: Canon EOS 30D, lens EF24-105mm, exposure 1/125s at f/11 set on self timer.


Kathryn Lawson said...

great job. I love how you put so many of yourself

Robert Howington said...

Really nice work piecing this together. I like the location and each personality. Good stuff.

Paige Kazazian Photography said...

i think this is genius. i love your idea, you executed it really well. you did such a good job