September 13, 2007

Us and Them

The third client assignment required taking a cover photograph of something that symbolically illustrates a book called Us and Them: A History of Intolerance in America. The book cover also had to be appropriate for high school students. After losing sleep over what to photograph, I chose to photograph a chess board. I think the positioning of the pieces on the board, as related to this symbolism, displays tension, strategy, competition, and togetherness of race and gender relations.
My goal is that the audience will read into the image as far as they wish. I captured this image at home using an alien bee mono light (with a shirt used as a diffusion screen) and a reflector card (held up by a kitchen chair).

Capture: Canon EOS 10D, 1/60s at f2.8


Laura Graf Photo said...

Looks good I tried to achive the same thing with the man and woman and the black white thing. I like your lighting. It reminds me of some pictures that I took for first year.

Alexa.Dunk said...

I like the illustration you chose and the angle is really nice for this photograph.