September 12, 2007

Appalachian Trail Flora and Fauna

On rainy days in the Southern Appalachians, these little salamanders, Notophthalmus viridescens, came out onto the trail. Luckily they were bright or else I would have stepped on them. This salamander is in its juvenile red eft form.

I photographed these plants that are displaying guttation in the above tree line alpine zone of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I love how the colors complement each other so well.

Capture: Sony Cybershot, (the camera had to be small for my long hike)


Len Thomas Photography said...

very neat capture. the dew on thge leaves really make the shot. you continue to amaze me

Kathryn Lawson said...

Wow! Jessica, you capture some beautiful photos. I love the water of the leaves. Great Job!

Julie Keels said...

Your photographs are technically excellent but still have a spur-of-the-moment quality--very grounded in reality. I think that's pretty close to reaching the photographic ideal.
I've never seen plants like that in my life--lovely.

Tara Joyce said...

I love the salamander it really cool! You did a great job on the focus and depth of filed! Nice work!