September 21, 2007

Layne and Katie

These portraits of Layne (red hair) and Katie were taken for an assingment. Our goal was to photograph individuals against a clean white background without flare. You can see how this shot was setup above. I photographed Layne first, she is in her first year at RCC and is an amazing model. Her energy made this project fun. I allowed the white background to go gray in this photograph which cannot be seen here due to my cropping. Therefore I reshot this assignment with a new model. Katie (blonde hair) was aso a wonderful model. I managed to create a clean white background this time which you can see because I put the full frame here. This assignment was the first time I tried to work with models I had just met in this sort of posed setting.

Capture: Mamiya 645, Kodak E100 film, scanned via Imacon Flextight Precicion II scanner

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Kathryn Lawson said...

I really like your head and shoulders shots. very professional.