September 21, 2007

Last Moth of the Season

This I believe is the last moth of the year! A few nights ago there were so many moths displaying their fabulous colors under the light of my front porch, so I decided that I was going to photograph one. The next night I set up for three hours in the nearby field with a white sheet a inviting lights and no moths were in sight. It had just gotten cold and the moths were dead I think. After a day of photographic dispair, I woke the next morning to see my cat chasing a moth inside my house. This moth had survived by coming into the warmth. I set up my lights in the house as you can see here and photographed the moth against a white background. In Photoshop I inverted the image to make a digital negative and put the two images side by side as you see here. The last moth of the year in all of its glory!

Capture: Canon 5D, Tamron macro lens, Photoshop CS2 editing


Laura Graf Photo said...

I really like that you inverted the image!!!! I also love the markings on it. Great catch.

Jonathan E. Andrews said...

I really like your moth. He's a really colorful fellow. Having a plain white background was a good choice. It makes the moth even more vibrant. I also like how you always have your setup shot. You're so very thorough.