September 06, 2007

Self Promo Assignment 1: Betta Fish

This is the first self promotional assignment for my commercial program. I decided to try to mimic David Liittschwager and Susan Middleton's style of photography. To get the clean white background, I placed a soft box behind the fish. The picture below shows how I initially set up the lighting. For the final picture, I added another soft box above the fish on the left and a strobe with a reflector above the fish on the right. These light illuminated the front of the fish. I also added more black cards around the fish to reduce glare.

The final image is a composite of three images. (There actually was only one fish.) Being able to photograph a subject like this was what prompted me to come to school in the first place. I am excited that I was able to create this image. Now I have to improve upon what I have learned.

Capture: Mamiya RB67 with a Leaf Aptus 17 digital back, 1/30s at f11, ISO 400, 120 mm lens


Sagen Kime said...

I love your fish, he's so pretty. You did a good job on this.

Christy Bullins said...

You did an awesome job Jessica! I think it really payed off to redo it! Betty the beta looks fabulous! Is that her name? I forgot haha

duane said...

these are pretty.