December 02, 2009

Meet the Fishers...

My favorite local potter Lara O'Keefe purchased a gift certificate for her friend, Lorrie, to have a photography session done with her children. This was given to Lorrie as a baby shower gift. You can see from the age of the little guy that Lorrie waited until things settled down with the new baby before she called me! I'm glad that she did. I arrived at their house that was tucked back in the woods of Pittsboro, the cat was the first of the family to greet me. Soon the eldest child arrived home from high school and we all went outside to play in the yard. These kids were so much fun. Even the baby was all smiles (when he wasn't perplexed by my camera)! I love the different personalities of these siblings. Hanging out with cool kids like this is why I love my job!









Lara O'Keefe said...

These are fabulous Jessica! I knew you were the woman for the job - in the rain no less!!
I really like the one you posted of Lorrie and Row Row.
Girl, you and Simon best come and git some pots this weekend! I got some with yur name on them!
(btw your husband was great to have on the firing crew!)

Jessica Benton said...

Thank you so much for hooking me up with this cool family! We had a good time photographing despite the rain. :) Simon loved having the chance to work at your firing. We'll try to make it by this weekend. It is busy with photo shoots, Reindeer Runs, etc, but we'll try to come on by!