February 20, 2009

O'Keefe Pottery

One of the great things about living in Chatham County, NC is the community of artists that call this area home. This particular artist, Lara O'Keefe, trained locally under Mark Hewitt and then branched out to start her own business. I spent a morning with her, observing her work in her craft. I was amazed at how strong and beautiful her arms and hands were. I'm sure that is gained from a combination of picking up her little child and from kneading the clay that is formed into her pottery. Lara has created a beautiful studio to work in which is in a little outbuilding that is surrounded with a garden. This building is just outside of her charming old farm house. You can see in the last picture that Lara is standing in front of a wood fired kiln that she built herself! Again, I am amazed! This photography session reminded me how wonderful it is to work with fellow artists, the inspiration lasts far beyond the photo session.

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