August 30, 2007

Breakfast Food

Our first assignment for commercial was to photograph breakfast food with a sense of time and place. Our instructor showed us some examples which we analyzed in class. After that, we were responsible for everything else. I chose to shoot frozen waffles and strawberries, because I thought they would stay in place underneath the warm lights. The table cloth was in the prop room, and the New York Times was taken from the break room here at school. To show a sense of time and place, I used a yellow gel over a Speedotron strobe to make the light look like warm morning light. I shined this light through an empty window frame so that the shadow falling across the scene would suggest a kitchen/dining location. As you can see in the image above, I also used a soft box to act as a fill.

Capture: Canon EOS 10D, shot RAW, 24.0-85.0mm lens, 1/125s at f27, 200ISO


de Berry Photography said...

Jess, this shot looks really nice. Your breakfast looks warm and inviting...mmmmm... Way to work the gel, too. Maybe you'll want to help me when I get back! heh heh

DS Clark Photo said...

This has beautiful lighting, and a great use of gels. You really get a sense of time and place.