January 09, 2013

Family Love & A Lovely Video

I have been creating albums back to back with the holiday season rush and orders for the New Years. Today, when creating a book for the mother of the groom, I ran across these family photos. Weddings are a day to celebrate not only the marriage of two people, but they also celebrate the beautiful blending of two families. I am so happy that I have the opportunity to create images that these families will treasure for a long time.

This wedding was also attended by Zach from Life Stage Films. Click on the following link to see their video.. (if you look closely you may see two photographers darting about here and there!) Lacy and Andrew's Wedding Video






Lacy and Andrew, I still have warm memories from your beautiful engagement and wedding day.  Thank you again for having us there to capture your wedding in still images!


Ken Topham said...

Hi Jessica, lovely work, beautiful images all of the children you photograph look so chilled out.... great job!

Jessica Massey Benton Lobdell said...

Thanks Ken! I appreciate your comment. Thanks for looking.