January 09, 2012

The Caron Family ~ Raleigh, NC Portrait Photographer

I met my wonderful friend, Elizabeth, in the first weeks of high school. We became immediately close and spent as much time together as our busy schedules allowed. Since I spent so much time with her in sleepovers, commuting to our career center classes together, going on snowboarding trips with each other, one infamous sailing trip, prom, backpacking in the Smokies ... I felt like I had been adopted as a second daughter into the Caron family. Now the family of five has grown tremendously and spread all over this continent. It had been years since I'd seen all of them in the same place, and this was the first time that I met four of the little ones. I'm so glad that Elizabeth called me up to photograph her family on Christmas Eve. It was wonderful seeing my second family together and happy.

Caron Extended Family Portrait

The original five!

Caron Extended Family Portrait

Mr. and Mrs. Caron have been blessed with the most wonderful grandchildren.. and one stuffed piggy.

Caron Extended Family Portrait

The newest member of the family at the end of our session.

Caron Extended Family Portrait

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You're awesome. Always were. We love you.

Thank you for the fantastic images.