July 29, 2011

Clara Ann Green ~ Newborn Portraits

I have had the joy of being pregnant this year with my friend Michelle. We went to prenatal yoga and cloth diaper classes together, we discussed pregnancy symptoms and baby gear... and then in June, Michelle had her precious baby. I'm still waiting for my little girl to be born! When Clara Ann was only two weeks and two days old, I went to her house for her first portrait session. I can't get over how beautiful her red hair is. I'm glad we took portraits of her early on, because she has changed so much since this session. Here is the delightful announcement I created for the Green family, and following that are a few of my favorite photos of the sweet baby and her mama.






Congratulations Bryant and Michelle! I can't wait for our two little girls to have their first play date!


If you would like a portrait session schedule for your little bundle of joy, please give me a call or send me an email. I love little babies, they are all so very perfect!


Simon Lobdell said...

I love Clara and the Greens!

Michelle Green said...

Jessica- we loved having you over to take pictures of little Clara. Everyone loves them and the birth announcement you designed! We are looking forward to the birth of your little baby! Won't be long now!

Jessica Massey Benton Lobdell said...

Thanks Michelle. I had fun photographing your little baby. And I agree with what Simon said... I love Clara and the Greens!