April 04, 2011

Holly and Josh (and Coach K!)

I've known Josh since he and my little brother became friends when they were about 5 and 6 years old. Therefore, Josh has always seemed like a second brother to me as he and Matt have been best friends for so many years. We are all grown up now and Josh just got married to a lovely woman, Holly. Before their wedding I photographed Holly's bridal portrait. We started out at my house for her getting ready images and then headed over to the beautiful Duke Gardens to take advantage of the spring blooms.










Josh is a crazy Duke basketball fan, so he requested that we try to get a photo of Holly by the Cameron Indoor Stadium. Her photo session was on the same day that Duke won the ACC tournament. Josh, my brother, and his other groomsmen were actually at the game celebrating the win. Shortly after we pulled up to the stadium, a large tour bus pulled up as well. We could hardly believe it when we saw who walked off the bus.


Holly was going to give the Cameron Stadium photos to Josh for a present on his wedding day, but we both had no idea that we would see Coach K or that he would be kind enough to take a picture with Holly. Josh knew there was some sort of surprise by seeing the secrecy his fiance and groomsmen were keeping, but you can see from his face below that he did not know what the surprise was. I love his reaction!





Congratulations Josh and Holly! I love you guys!


P.S. My mom, sister and I created the flower arrangements for their wedding as well (Mom is definitely the creative genius behind this). What do you think, should she go into business? This is her fifth wedding doing the flowers I believe.





kelly beasley said...

that is awesome!!! and YES, she totally should!!! your mom, that is. they are sooooo beautiful!

Matt said...

Great photos, Jess. Josh and I met when I was 4 years old, though. He may have been 5.

Jessica Massey Benton Lobdell said...

Thanks everyone! I'll be sure to tell mom that there is another vote for her to start a business in wedding flowers. She is a neurosurgeon nurse right now , a job that loves, but this could be a weekend job I think!