March 01, 2011

Spain ~ Madrid & Toledo

My husband, Simon, and I went on a trip to Spain over the week of Valentines Day. We called this our "babymoon" as we are expecting our first little one in August. Our first town was Madrid. As we adjusted to European time and Spanish schedules, we wandered around the city taking in the beautiful architecture, gardens and parks. Naturally, we spent a long time a the Museo del Prado where we viewed breathtaking paintings and sculpture. I could spend an entire lifetime wandering the halls of that amazing museum. From Madrid we went to Toledo which is shown in the bottom two photos. I have very few photos of this ancient town since my brand new Canon camera broke on the entrance bridge to the town. As a photographer, I wandered around heartbroken that my camera wasn't working and I couldn't photograph the beautiful town of Toledo. I had to let go though and marvel at the amazing history and beauty of such a unique place. I'll put up another post soon showing the other amazing towns we visited.












Wendy said...

These are amazing! So sorry to hear about your camera :-(
Can't wait to see more!

Dana Villalas said...

beautamous! quenched my thirst to see some j.lobdell pics. thanks for sharing.

Jessica Massey Benton Lobdell said...

Thanks for looking Dana and Wendy! The camera is now fixed finally, so I am back to being a fully functioning photographer.

Blaire said...

Just swung by your website to get your address, and stumbled upon your blog. Your latest photos are just beautiful. It's always such a joy to swing by.

All the best