November 04, 2010

Micah ~ New to the Family!

My friends from college just had their second child, another boy! Paula asked me to come photograph baby Micah and the rest of the family. His big brother Gideon, who you may remember from our autumn session last year, was wonderful as always and his parent's are obviously proud of their two little boys. After a long morning of hanging out and getting photos here and there, I walked away with many images that I think Paula and Loren will treasure for a long time to come. Thanks for having me over!










Becka said...

Those baby photos are so gorgeous. Looking at your photos is one of my favorite internet hobbies these days. It looks like Craig and I will be working in NC again this spring. I'm going to invite myself over to see your house. I hope that is okay! Say hi to Simon for me!

Jessica Massey Benton Lobdell said...

Thank you Becka! I also enjoy looking at your blog and all of your adventures! You and Craig are definitely welcome to come over any time! It would be great to see you again :)... give us a call when you come to NC!