June 11, 2010

Farewell to the Outerbanks

This will be my last posting of pictures from the Outerbanks of NC for awhile since these are a few pictures from my last day there. I started the morning with a little stroll on the beach next to my campground. The little seashell creatures were having breakfast and the dad and daughter were catching fish in the sun. Goodbye beach, and onward to home. Before I could leave the islands completely, I stopped off at the wildlife preserve on Pea Island. This part of the Outerbanks is so narrow that it seems to be mostly shallow water where migrating birds and sea turtles can stop over on their journey. I conversed with a gaggle of turtles, hiked a bit, and on my way out ran into Devon and Mitch again! They were also checking out the natural wonders of this beautiful land before heading back to the Piedmont. I thought that chance encounter was a wonderful way to end the weekend.

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