March 25, 2010

Pittsboro Courthouse On Fire

It is a sad day in Pittsboro. As I post this, the old courthouse that is the central landmark of our town is burning down. Renovations were being done to the courthouse to make it shine like new. Something went wrong today and now firefighters from around the county are working hard to control the flames. I drove by the building when everything was fine... less that 30 minutes later, this is the state the courthouse was in. You may remember the last photograph in this post that I created in 2007. I photographed the beautiful building with a large format camera on a sunny day. I even sell Postcards of this picture in a local shop called Vespertine. The scene will be forever changed now that our courthouse has burned down. You can see in these pictures the locals watching the fire, Mayor Randy Voller being interviewed, the Pittsboro Presbyterian Church with black smoke overhead, and the firefighters doing their best to keep the rest of the town safe.


naqahdahnellie said...

That's so crazy! I know they were fixing it up, but I wonder what they'll do now. Poor courthouse!

Philip said...

Jessica, you really did take some great photos of such a terribl event! I do hope that they rebuild....but it just won't be the same. The Courthouse has always been a symbol of Pittsboro and what a cool place it is, esp. if you live here. I just can't even bear the thought of going into town and seeing the burned out shell.

Jessica Massey Benton Lobdell said...

I know. I'm afraid to see what it looks like today. It is going to be so sad.