July 30, 2009

July... 64 years ago

As I am getting married this year, I'm looking at my family for support, advice, and love. Mama recently came to the Bridal Luncheon that my sister Katie and my Aunt Lia threw for me. Through Mama's characteristic tears, she told me that she wished that my married life would be filled with much love and happiness. That means a lot to me coming from a woman who raised three boys, guided many more as a school teacher, loves her family, and loves her husband who she has been married to since 1945! I've had wonderful examples of steadfast love in my parents and grandparents... I hope that Simon and I can live up to their example. Enough for the sappiness... don't you love the wedding announcements and the cutting of the cake photo! My Papa is looking adoringly at Mama. I also love the picture of Mama and Papa in front of their first apartment... I love family photos!

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Abigail Seymour said...

These got me all choked up! Thanks for posting such wonderful images and memories. Family is so precious.