April 10, 2008

My Birthday

I've been meaning to post some pictures from my birthday for awhile (it was on March 22). It is a lucky year for me, I turned 26, it is the year 2008 (I have a thing for even numbers), my birthday was on Saturday, and all my friends came out to celebrate by hanging out in the river on our land and painting our faces with rocks from the creek. It is fun to act like a kid sometimes. In the morning I was working on my garden. My brother, Matt, and his girlfriend, Meredith, showed up with vegetable plants to add to my garden. It was later that my boyfriend Simon 'surprised' me with a party at the creek.

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de Berry Photography said...

Yay! Fun birthday pictures! Love the group shot on the ground. It's got hippy good times written all over it! Nice wedding shots, too. It's nice to see your photos again. Let's get all our March and April birthday people together for a big blow-out, eh?