February 10, 2008

Chuck's Portrait

My commercial class was assigned to take a portrait of Chuck to go on the RCC website. I found a picture by Piotr Kowalik whose lighting I tried to copy. I didn't get the exact result, but I got something interesting enough from using Kowalik's lighting as a guide. I used a soft box above the model and a grid to act as fill below the model. This was a challenging assignment for me because I have a hard time directing the model in the chair. I need to learn more things to say that don't sound goofy. Luckily Chuck was helpful and moved around into various poses until I found the one I liked.

Capture: Phase One H10 on a Hasselblad, f22, ISO 100


Jonathan E. Andrews said...

I think this was one of the most successful portraits of Chuck. The light you used adds a lot of depth to the photo. I can really see how the light is sculpting his features. It is a portrait I could see him using for his online representation.

mattbell said...

I think this is the best Chuck portrait i've seen so far.