December 05, 2007

One Hot Penguin

They NYC marathon ran right through my neighborhood in Brooklyn. This was such an amazing event. First came the super fast, super but muscled runners... then about twenty minutes later came these guys. This is my favorite picture from the marathon because is shows how much fun the marathon is. Now I want to run it (but not as a penguin).


de Berry Photography said...

Hey Jess!
Funny, funny, funny. Love the expression on the guy in the blue shirt. It's great to see some photos from NYC. Also love that fish shot. Reminds me of a Sopranos episode, but never mind that. Hope you are having a great time. Looking forward to catching up with you in the near future!

DS Clark Photo said...

Great shot. Our buddy Fill needed to show up for the penguin guy but a great moment with the guy in blue!